To address special risks this year, we have developed specific guidelines intended to allow our presentation of live concert performances. One measure that will be immediately apparent is our plan to present multiple performances in outdoor settings to allow smaller audience size and greater physical separation between audience members. We will also be implementing additional measures to enhance audience safety. Please take a moment to review our guidelines and procedures. We know that many may feel some of our measures are inconvenient, and we ask that everyone comply for the benefit of your fellow music lovers. You are all so very important to us!

These guidelines are intended to improve the safety of our operations but we cannot guarantee complete effectiveness. We strongly advise persons with underlying health issues or substantial concerns to avoid group gatherings including our concerts. We miss you and will find a way to provide access to our performances without risk. For the rest, we can’t wait to see you!

As always, we are so grateful for your continued support!




  • Our staff members will respond to a health questionnaire and submit to a temperature check upon reporting to the venue, and will be dismissed if any concerns are noted.

  • Staff with an elevated temperature will be required to be symptom-free for ten days or provide a negative test for COVID-19 before allowed to work at a concert venue.

  • Entrance doorways will be wiped with a disinfectant prior to each performance.

  • Hard surface contact areas on seats will be wiped with a disinfectant prior to each performance.

  • Restrooms will be cleaned with disinfectant prior to each performance.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the Entrance/Exit. Please use it!

  • Tickets will be scanned (no contact).

  • Disposable programs will be placed at seats. Take them with you or leave at your seat. We will not reuse any programs.

  • Seating groups will be placed approximately six feet apart at all concerts. This results in less than 30 percent capacity at our venues.

  • Performances will be presented without intermissions to reduce mingling. Please plan your arrival time and restroom visits accordingly.

  • Pre-recorded concert lectures and interactive artist discussions will be conducted online to reduce the duration of our live events. Ticket purchasers will receive invitations and instructions concerning these events.

  • We will allow transfer of your tickets to a later performance. Please call us by noon the day before the performance if you are not well.




  • Please stay home if anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days or if you are not well. If you notify us by noon the day before the performance, we will transfer your ticket value as credit for a later performance this season. Please provide as much notice as possible to allow resale.

  • Elevated temperature (above 100.4 degrees), uncontrolled coughing, sneezing, or apparent signs of illness will result in refused entry or requested departure. We will do our best to handle this discreetly.

  • Upon arrival, please form a single file line with 6-foot separation from other concert-goers.

  • Advance purchase using our online ticket system is required. If sold out conditions are indicated, please call to inquire concerning resell ticket availability. No tickets will be available for purchase at the door!

  • Face coverings over the nose and mouth are required at all concerts. A limited number of paper masks may be available, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Seating will be coordinated by staff and we ask that you take your seat as directed and avoid mingling or congregating in groups.

  • Seating groups have been positioned for everyone’s safety. Please do not move your seats! (Anyone caught moving their seat at the Knickerbocker Estate will be required to wear a life preserver in case they fall in the pool!)

  • Restroom occupancy will be limited and some wait may occur. Please plan ahead! Avoid congregating in the restroom (did we really need to say that?)

  • Departure after the concert will be coordinated by our staff. Please comply with instructions to allow a safe and orderly process and maintain a six-foot separation from other concert-goers.

  • We are doing our best to present our performances in a safe manner, but some risk is inherent in attending any group event. By attending this event you are acknowledging your understanding and accepting that risk. Anyone with underlying health issues is advised to avoid this event.

  • If any member of your party tests positive for COVID-19 within one-week of our event, please notify us.