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Bach: Fantasia in F Major, H.279 Wq. 59/5
De Falla: Fantasia Baetica
Mozart: Fantasia in c minor K. 475
Peçi: Muzikë Kabaistike, dedicated to Redi Llupa
Scriabin: Poème-Nocturne Op. 61
Scriabin: Fantasie in b minor Op. 28


Kaleidoscope MusArt is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting classical music as a relevant and evolving art form, through innovative concert programs and educational initiatives that explore links between new, rarely-heard, and well-known works while prominently featuring emerging artists and living composers.

Our goals are to:

Make artistic experience accessible and affordable to a broad and diverse audience.
Cultivate the appreciation of classical music among young generations.
Support living composers through commissions and call for scores.
Showcase the plurality of styles found in classical music throughout time and across cultures.
Support young artists under the age of 18 by creating and facilitating access to educational and performing opportunities.

Kaleidoscope MusArt…

was born out of the necessity of making contemporary piano music an integral part of the classical concert experience. Our distinctive approach to programming draws connections between the standard and contemporary repertoire in thematic concerts, exploring a spectrum of stylistic and aesthetic perspectives. The format of our concerts incorporates brief presentations about the works performed, catalyzing a stronger connection between the audience and the music. By engaging young artists to perform new and rarely-heard works we aim to stimulate their continuous curiosity and active advocacy for the contemporary repertoire.

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