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How does a Donor Advised Fund work? 

Establish a Donor Advised Fund to receive a current income tax deduction taking advantage of special provisions in 2020. You can issue grants to Grand Piano Series and other charities from this fund during your lifetime. Any remainder in the Fund when your estate is settled passes to the beneficiary your designate, and you can change this designation at any time during your lifetime. 

Can I make gifts from this fund during my lifetime? 

Yes. To make a gift from your Donor Advised Fund, notify your fund administrator using the Standard Distribution Form (they can help with this). Tell them you would like to donate to Grand Piano Series. Provide our contact details from this website, or call us and we will be happy to assist you and your plan administrator. 

How is this fund handled in my estate? 

Because the Donor Advised Fund represents a charitable gift during your lifetime, the remainder in this trust is not included in your estate and does not generate any tax obligations for your heirs. The remainder in the Fund passes to the beneficiary you designate. To name Grand Piano Series as beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund, just contact your plan administrator and request a copy of the Change of Beneficiary Form. You can even list multiple beneficiaries if you would like to divide your fund between multiple charities. Again, contact us and we will be happy to assist you and your plan administrator. 

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