Legacy and Tax-Advantaged Giving

There are so many ways to multiply your contributions with tax benefits now, reduced estate taxes later, and even some approaches that can do both! To learn more, click on the items below, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.


Provide immediate contributions while you receive immediate tax benefits


Provide future contributions to create a lasting legacy while you receive immediate tax benefits

These options may provide tax benefits, current security, and the comfort of knowing your contributions to our community will continue for many years.  We know this is a difficult topic for many, but this type of gift may allow you to preserve your financial security today while you help support ours many years from now.

Gifts received through Legacy Programs are recognized immediately for the full value of the gift projected (refer to the Private Donations page for details), and will also include a memorial dedication to you in our program when appropriate. Also, if your donation value exceeds $50,000 this will include dedicating our concert season to you or a loved one at your request. If someone beat you to it this year, don’t worry we will dedicate the following season to you! This is a very special type of support, and we will do our best to recognize your remarkable kindness.


Provide future contributions to create a lasting legacy while you reduce estate taxes


St. Leo Catholic Church

(Bonita Springs, FL)


Knickerbocker Estate

(Naples, FL)

Military Heritage Museum

(Punta Gorda, FL)

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