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Rachel Kudo dances Grand Piano Series into 2023

December, 2022

Along with “music,” one word would dominate any word cloud describing 35-year-old virtuoso pianist Rachel Naomi Kudo.

That word would be “Passion.”

“When I say ‘passion,’” Ms. Kudo explains, “I mean channeling composers and what they wanted. What I love about playing piano, especially now that I’m older and have some perspective, is how I can dive inside the world of composers through the window of each piece I play, and put myself in their shoes.”


Nicolas Namoradze brings Southwest Florida calm after the storm

November, 2022

He grins happily, as if tickled by how his own long fingers are able to scamper up and down the keyboard faster than seems humanly possible.

In another persona — mindful meditation guide — his deep, hypnotic voice leads the listener to a place of peace, swathed in beautiful classical music selections.

“Allow your eyes to gently close, breathe deep, let your body relax into a sense of ease, and listen,” he says.


Grand Piano Series gets legs, literally, and breathing exercises with Beethoven

October, 2022

The Grand Piano Series opened its celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2019 and partied itself right into a pandemic in 2020.

“And we’re finishing it with hurricane!” said President and Artistic Director Milano Strezeva, throwing back her head in laughter. 

It is either laugh or cry for the series cofounder. To add insult to injury, Hurricane Ian swirled storm surge waters around the legs of the Fazioli grand piano the series relies on and flooded out one of its concert venues, the Wang Opera Center.

095 colour hi-res - Barry Douglas, 9 Jan 2018.jpg

Grand Piano Series kicks off riveting 2022-2023 Season

October, 2022

The Grand Piano Series announces the commencement of its all-new season with a flourish of excitement, as Beethoven Fest kicks off the series on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 3 p.m. at the St. Leo Auditorium in Bonita Springs

Alessandro Mazzamuto

Sicilian pianist coming to Naples teaches, performs with passion

May, 2022

It was clear even before he was born that Alessandro Mazzamuto would have a musical life, and a musical life in strings at that.

How could it be otherwise?

His family tree fairly blossoms with musicians — his grandmother and great-aunt operatic singers, both parents, cellists. His mother played cello in the orchestra at Catania, Sicily, while pregnant with him and his older brother, Lorenzo.

Geneva Lewis

Grand Piano Series to feature dynamic duo of musical friends

April, 2022

The Grand Piano Series audience will soon experience the rarefied energy of two close friends: New Zealand-born violinist Geneva Lewis and Evren Ozel, a fellow student at the New England Conservatory of Music who has played piano since the age of three and has performed with Geneva Lewis since they were in high school.


Grand Piano Series presents virtuosic chamber music trio

March, 2022

This season, the Grand Piano Series namesake instrument is sharing the spotlight — first, with a rare combination of clarinet, violin and piano in the expert hands of the Manasse/Frautschi/ Nakamatsu Trio. The Manasse/ Nakamatsu Duo already pairs two of America’s most distinguished artists: charismatic clarinetist Jon Manasse and eloquent pianist Jon Nakamatsu. Soon the three join forces in Bonita Springs, in a lively virtuosic program where all will star and regroup in different combinations.


Grand Piano Series seeks to re-create a love of the classics

February, 2022

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were part of the vocabulary for generations of young piano students in a past without video games and smart phones. Children from any economic background had an aunt, a neighbor or a tutor who skillfully directed small fingers across the ivory and ebony piano keys, started the metronome and marked the paper or book whose magic language became music.


Grand Piano Series resumes tour of Beethoven’s sonatas

February, 2022

Beethoven biographer John Suchet, author of “Beethoven: The Man Revealed,” wrote: “Of all the musical genres … the piano sonata is the only one that Beethoven worked on more or less consistently throughout his life. No large gaps as with the symphonies or string quartets.”


Gulf Theater to present piano virtuoso Schaghajegh Nosrati

December, 2021

“When I was a child, I wasn’t so aware of the complexity of Bach’s music, but its beauty attracted me from the very beginning,” said German-born Iranian pianist Schaghajegh Nosrati.


Sixth season’s Grand Piano Series goes beyond piano

September, 2021

After an unpredictable year spent virtually on Zoom and safely distanced outdoors, Grand Piano Series is making up for lost time with new venues, new artists, chamber music concerts, violin, jazz, kids and masters.

Geneva VBO.jpg

This year, it's a Grand-er Piano Series in Southwest Florida with chamber concerts, jazz

August, 2021

The Grand Piano Series created a Plan B series this season, but that's in name only. It's a whole roster of  "A" stars: Beethoven, be-bop, Bochum.


Two concert pianists start their post-COVID return in Southwest Florida

February, 2021

When the International Chopin Piano Competition, the definitive word on who is best among new interpreters of the composer, opens Oct. 2, Washington, D.C., native Avery Gagliano will be there as the U.S. winner.  

Angela Yoffe010_VBO.jpg

Israeli music power couple to dazzle SW Florida music lovers

January, 2021

On Monday, Feb. 1, local music lovers will hear world-renowned Israeli violin/ piano duo Vadim Gluzman and Angela Yoffe in Bonita Springs. Widely recognized as one of today’s top-performing violinists, Vadim Gluzman brings to life the glorious violinistic tradition of the 19th and 20th centuries


Pianist Asiya Korepanova to give ‘superhuman’ Gulf Theater performance

December, 2020

Her Pre-Raphaelite tresses fly free at high points in a recital —matching the passion of the composer whose work pianist Asiya Korepanova will spotlight at Punta Gorda’s Gulf Theater.


Classic Chamber Concerts' new home in Naples: Grand Piano Series

November, 2020

In an arts year when only change has become a constant, Classic Chamber Concerts has changed in the biggest way possible: It has become part of the Grand Piano Series.


Expanding Horizons!

November, 2020

We are so delighted to announce that Naples’ own Classic Chamber Concerts plans to transfer its 25-year tradition of chamber music to Grand Piano Series under the capable leadership of our own Juilliard-trained Artistic Director Milana Strezeva. 

aa8ca3f17250731a04c181cb915f4e88 1.jpg

Grand Piano Series includes online concerts, lectures classes and chats

September, 2020

Milana Strezeva could have surrendered to despair when the Grand Piano Series was forced to discontinue live performances due to COVID-19. Instead her creative instincts quickly engaged, leading her to adopt an alternate method of reaching audiences: the internet.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.09.23 PM.png

Grand Piano Series receives a grant.

July, 2020

Grand Piano Series is pleased to announce it has received a $1500 grant from the Community Foundation of Collier County. These funds provide needed support to our active concert and community outreach operations. Though our live concert program came to an abrupt halt in March 2020, we responded by implementing a diverse online program to maintain our connection to local students and reduce the isolation of seniors.


The Healing Language of Music

February, 2020

The audience was captivated as Roman Rabinovich played a repertoire ranging from Debussy to Gershwin as part of Naples’ Grand Piano Series. The program, the brainchild of Manhattan Piano Trio member...

Dominic Cheli

Ludwig groupies, or just music lovers: Beethoven 2020 offers Naples a solid grounding

October 21, 2019

The only thing missing from Beethoven 2020 is a college credit. It's nearly 16 hours of Beethoven piano sonatas and another 16 hours of fervent discussion around them. Milana Strezeva, founder of the Grand Piano Series in Naples, might concede getting...


Grand Piano Series aims to preserve the repertoire

January 31, 2019

It’s easy to think that after devoting a life to the study and performance of music, pianist Milana Strezeva would be content simply with a full performance schedule. After all, the stage has kept her busy since ...

Mike Lee_edited.jpg

Pianist brings his own keys to Naples

June 18, 2017


Trumpet soloists carry their own brass, and violinists their own strings. But Mike Cheng-Yu Lee is one of the few performers who brings his own 450-pound piano.


Beethoven meets two Italians in Naples recital Monday

December 6, 2018


When Rodolfo Leone, winner of the 2017 International Beethoven Competition, sits down at the piano for his Naples appearance Monday, he won't be the only Italian in the hall. 

HyeJin Kim, Sept. 2018.jpg

A portrait of the artist Hyejin Kim​

May 31, 2018


Praised by critics for her, “passionate… polished and expressive,” performances, Ms. Kim is one of South Korea’s most thrilling young classical stars. She completed her studies in Germany, earning her MA in musical art as a “Konzertexamen” (highest distinction) from Berlin’s Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler. 


A portrait of the artist, Sophie Shao

June 21, 2018


Cellist Sophie Shao will perform alongside noted concert pianist Milana Strezeva at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 21, at Trinity-by-the-Cove, playing selections by Bach, Dvorak and Chopin, as part of the Grand Piano Series. She is the winner of the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grant and top prizes at the Rostropovich and Tchaikovsky competitions


Eric Lu, U.S. Chopin champ, in Naples to play, of course, Chopin

July 15, 2018


Eric Lu rehearses piano six hours a day, plays at least 30 concerts a year, and has won first prizes in four of five international competitions he has entered.


And he's not even out of school yet.

Eric Lu.jpg

A portrait of the artist Eric Lu

July 19, 2018


Concert pianist Eric Lu gained the world’s attention when he was first prizewinner at the ninth U.S. National Chopin Competition in Miami in 2015, and also a prize winner at the 2015 International Fryderyk Chopin Competition in Warsaw at the age of 17. 

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