Share in the richness of the creative process! 

Let the beauty of music enter your world in the rare and immediate setting of a masterclass.  In the world of art and music, the "masters" of the art are called upon to share their knowledge with the young - a tradition of "paying it forward".  ​​

The world's most eloquent and visionary artists will share their knowledge, experience, and know-how with the younger generation right here in Southwest Florida, giving you a chance to glimpse behind the scenes of how​ the ​magic of​ inspired​ music-making comes to life. Our annual Masterclass Series will inspire, guide, and lift your spirits whether you are a professional​, a student​ , or a music lover.




Masterclass featuring piano student, Noah Waddel.

Education Events


St. Leo Catholic Church

(Bonita Springs, FL)


Knickerbocker Estate

(Naples, FL)

Military Heritage Museum

(Punta Gorda, FL)

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All of our events are accessible.

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