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We are so happy to welcome you back to our beautiful indoor venues! Though we are all weary of special restrictions, Grand Piano Series is committed to everyone’s safety. We are continuing our practice of careful cleaning of our venues prior to each performance and want everyone to consider the following prior to attending our events:

  • All performances at the St. Leo Auditorium will be ticketed with one empty seat next to each seating group. Please buy your tickets with your friends if you want to sit together.

  • All Grand Piano Series staff and volunteers interacting with the public will be fully vaccinated.

  • Everyone is welcome to attend our events, but we strongly advise anyone unvaccinated or with special sensitivities to avoid our indoor concerts while COVID-19 remains a local concern.

  • Although we strongly encourage masks indoors, fully vaccinated patrons are welcome to attend our events without masks at this time. If guidance from the CDC changes to require masks, we will ask everyone to comply with then-current guidelines. All unvaccinated persons are advised to wear masks at our events.

  • We will continue our liberal ticket exchange policy. If anyone in your party is unwell, contact us at least six hours before the concert. We will issue a credit for everyone in your seating group that can be applied to another event this season (space permitting). We regret that credits cannot be carried forward to future seasons.

  • If CDC guidelines or other governmental advisories become more restrictive, we will send an informational e-mail to ticket purchasers prior to our event. Please keep your e-mail up-to-date in our system and check your spam folder periodically to be sure you receive these notices.

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