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We are committed to enriching our community by providing a variety of outreach programs. Much more than a concert series, our program includes all of the activities described below. An important feature of all our events is the direct interaction between our world-class artists and community participants. 

By engaging in direct conversation, our patrons develop a more personal connection to the music and to each other.

This connection is the essence of community enrichment!


Uncompromising excellence -

World-class pianists on the finest instrument.


Our concerts typically cost nearly triple the price of ticket charges. That’s right, someone else just helped pay for your ticket! Look around, she may be seated next to you!




Most concerts include an opportunity for audience discussion with the performing artist. Develop insights into the artist and a deeper understanding of the artistic process, or just ask how much they practice (hint, it’s a lot!) It’s all up to you!




Gain a deeper appreciation of the composer’s life or historical context of the music performed! Many of our concerts feature optional pre-concert lectures. No college credits here, but you might learn something!




Promising piano students have the opportunity to hone their skills with a personal lesson from an accomplished professional. The public and less advanced students are invited to watch and learn for free! Experience the process and grow closer to the music with us!



Our “Share the Artist” program presents quality piano performances to local schools and at-risk youth centers. Besides listening to beautiful music, the kids get to ask questions and learn what it takes to be a professional concert pianist. It is all about a personal interaction with the music and musicians.


We also “Share the Artist” at local senior centers and hospice facilities. We believe in the healing power of music and enjoy bringing quality music to seniors that would have difficulty attending a concert.


We present an extensive catalog of past concerts online, along with informative lectures and master class instruction. In addition, we responded to the COVID-19 challenges by establishing an online concert and ZOOM artist dialog to provide a safe vehicle to further our commitment to enhance music appreciation and enrich lives. Come join us online!

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