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Timothy Vick

Senior Portfolio Manager, The Naples Trust Company

Milana Strezeva

Timothy Vick enthusiastically joined the Board of Grand Piano Series in late 2019. For almost 30 years, Tim has been a securities analyst, portfolio manager and research director managing money for private individuals. He now heads research for The Naples Trust Company, which manages more than $2 billion for SW Florida-area residents. He has written three books on investing and has appeared and been quoted across the U.S. for his views on the stock market.

Tim’s passion for the performing arts began accidentally as a teenager in the 1970s when his father was “talked into” subscribing to a classical record-of-the-month club. Tim remembers being the only one in the family who ever opened these albums, and soon after, Tim was teaching himself all the classical repertoire, studying scores, reading books about composers, and ultimately training on the piano. Many years later, Tim joined a symphony board in Chicago, took his two young kids to dozens of concerts and rehearsals, and today is passionate about keeping the concert and recital experiences alive for young generations of performers and listeners.

When Tim is not immersed in classical music, he enjoys travelling with his wife Dallas, playing the piano, cycling through the streets of Lee and Collier counties, reading, and watching baseball games – his first love before music.

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