The Grand Piano Series has been founded by Milana Strezeva and Raniero Tazzi, to bring to Naples concerts featuring the extraordinary literature of piano. 

This series was born in the spring of 2016 as a result of a passionate discussion of piano music among friends. Having realized that we can put piano-CENTRIC series in our very own Naples on the map of musical events in South Florida we decided to start a pilot series featuring some of the most innovative and celebrated pianists. We have grand vision for the future and hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

Milana Strezeva is a concert pianist and has played over 700 concerts across America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia, as a founding member of the Manhattan Piano Trio. As an avid chamber music collaborator, she worked with Eugenia Zukerman, Sophie Shao, Michael Klotz, Franklin Cohen, Dmitry Kouzov, and many others. She has received her training at the famed Juilliard School, as a student of Bella Davidovich and Julian Martin. When not on tour, Milana teaches piano and organizes concerts for Grand Piano Series. www.milanastrezeva.com


Fun Fact:

Milana was born in Moldova into a family of musicians, an opera singer mother, and a clarinetist father. Early on she learned the life of a touring artist, and on numerous occasions has played children's roles in large opera productions, when the opera house where her parents worked was touring across the former Soviet Union. Growing up in a borscht-eating country, this became her staple dish. Milana also loves traveling around the world, exploring different cultures and ethnic foods. 


Raniero Tazzi hails from Assisi, Italy, and has received a DMA in Piano Performance from the Perugia Conservatory. In 1995, Raniero established the Studio Art Concert Agency, which has toured leading musicians and orchestras of our time, among them, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Martha Argerich, Andras Schiff, Maxim Vengerov, Pinchas Zukerman, and legendary pianist Friedrich Gulda, who performed on a Fazioli F278 for his last tour.


Fun Fact:

Realizing early in life that piano is not the only thing he is passionate about, Raniero has for decades actively pursued photography, taking countless pictures of concert performances, landscapes, and architecture since 1981. www.ranierotazzi.com

He was, at one point, aspiring to become an astronaut, alas he never went in space; however, he did retain his keen interest in astronomy. A life-long chef and a gourmand, Raniero is especially particular about not overcooking pasta: al dente is the way, and the only way.



Gregg Zavodny



Raniero Tazzi


Alina Mizerniuc


Rick Funston

Sergiu Gherman

David Davidson

Claudia Polzin

Timothy Vick




Milana Strezeva


Fabio Bidini, Colburn School

Julian Martin, Juilliard School


Barli Nugent, Juilliard School


Stephen Nesbitt, Esq

Mark Travis, NY Philharmonic

David Dubal, WQXR

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